Friday, March 18, 2011

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The infant

I'm really angry!
this morning I read this article of Natural Child, and my suspicions about marketing, more or less hidden, tied the feeding of children was highlighted again.
advertising has always attracted me a lot as a child I remember if I saw the water on television and wanted to drink I was growing more and more impressed by the imagination of advertisers, until, in his early twenties something I did turn up their nose.
I was lucky enough to live my childhood in a city or country in the traffic like in the woods, unable to tell the difference between natural and artificial environment that surrounded me as in the food we eat. Obviously there is no comparison, it is natural that always gave me much more satisfaction than that which was built by men at the table, even brilliant.
Over time my interest in the messages conveyed through advertising has become a stimulus to discover the true message hidden behind those beautiful images.
communication as we know, goes on many levels. Behind a smile, for example, there can be much more than a moment of happiness, well behind a chubby baby with a beautiful pink and you can hide the obese and multi infarct that tomorrow (well, the picture is crude but so).

I propose a game, how about if we go together to "hunt" of advertising that we believe are misleading and produce bad information about what can be considered as proper nutrition and what is not.

I will begin

If your child looks at you so when you say that in the glass of milk you are giving is the iron content in 10 liters of cow's milk and explained that he so small it needs more iron than a calf, do not be surprised too and throw a glass of milk that you gave him. Make him a nice juice orange for iron because if you give it does not take vitamin C (see here), your body does not retain too much.

If you are pregnant and your husband comes with a bowl of noodles where he flat-spotted on the sauce ready, do not be angry too, is not his fault, they've led to believe that preparations are ideal for industrial sound power of mother and child. I do not judge the quality of the product, but it is an act of love when you open a can to make a decent sauce, it takes 15 minutes and no you can not believe it. What will they do that mom and dad that when you get the smallest and then 15 minutes that are fundamental to many things? Desperate call their parents begging for a hot meal? Grandparents saints, if it were not for them now ... But look a little, our parents are 162km away and the food is good too! Even when working, do not mess with us and do not tell me that I am at home and that it is easier for me, I know of mothers who cook for all while working, if you do not want to listen to a housewife like me.

I do not want and I can not (because I rely on personal opinions and do not have scientific expertise in this area) defame any large corporation, we would two seconds to take everything I have (but I have nothing, just the cabinet), but not even want to take me to the c.. o!
We are still a free country right? So once again: I think so!

How Do People Get P.rosea


Lesson No. 1
A man goes into the shower immediately after his wife and at the same time the doorbell ring. The woman wraps a towel around the body, running down the stairs and goes to open the door is Roberto, the neighbor.
Before she can say anything he says, now I give you 800 Euro in cash if you drop the towel!
and reflects a moment in the towel falls to the ground ... He looks to bottom and from the agreed sum. She, a little 'upset, but happy for the small fortune earned in a flash back to the bathroom.
Her husband, still in the shower asked who was at the door.
She answers: it was Robert. Her husband, perfect, I returned the 800 € that I paid?
Moral No. 1:
If you work in teams, share more information!
Lesson No. 2
At the wheel of his car, an elderly priest is taken back a young nun at the convent.
The priest can not remove his eyes from her legs crossed. Suddenly his hand rests on the left thigh of a nun. She
looks at him and said: Father, remember Psalm 129?
The priest immediately withdrew his hand and is lost in a thousand excuses. Shortly after taking advantage of a change of gear, let his hand touches the thigh of religious undeterred repeats: Father, remember Psalm 129?
mortified, withdrew his hand, mumbling an excuse.
At the convent, the nun goes without saying a word. The priest, seized by remorse dell'insano gesture rushes on the Bible in search of Psalm 129.
Psalm 129: "Go ahead, higher and higher, you will find the glory ..."
Moral No. 2:
At work, always be well informed!
A representative, an employee and a director of personnel leaving the office at noon and go to a restaurant when on a bench found an old oil lamp. The rub and a genie appears.
'Generally, three wishes, but as you are three, you'll have one each'.
The employee pushes the other and shouts, 'it's up to me, me .... I want to be on a pristine beach in the Bahamas, always on holiday, without any thought that might disturb my peace '. Having said that vanishes.
The representative cries: 'To me, to me, it's up to me! I want to enjoy a pinacolada on a beach in Tahiti with the woman of my dreams' It vanishes.
It's up to you, says the genie, looking at the personnel officer.
And the director: 'I want those two come back after lunch to work!'
Moral # 3:
Always let the boss to speak first!
Lesson No. 4
In class the teacher turns to John and asks him: 'There sonocinque birds perched on a branch. If you shoot at a bird, how many are left? ' Gianni says, 'No, because with the noise of the shot will fly away all'.
The teacher: 'Well, the answer was four, but I like the reasons'.
Then Hans says, 'Can I ask you a question now?
The teacher: 'Okay.
There are three women sitting on a bench eating ice cream. A lick gently at the sides, the second swallows everything up to the cone, while the third gives small bites on top of ice cream.
Which of the three married? '
The teacher blushes and says, 'I suppose the second ... quellache swallows up the ice cream cone '
Gianni,' Well, the correct answer was the one that takes faith, but ... I like the reasoning!
Moral # 4:
Let the reason will always prevail.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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cultivate the future

Today I thought I would not take Matthew to the nest and do something special together. It's raining cats and dogs and do not want to stop but the spring begins to warm the air and we must prepare ourselves, we must begin to sow the seeds for our vegetable garden and Matthew gave me a hand ... well almost everything he did.
E 'was great to see him at work, all focused on filling of land containers of eggs that we used as a nursery. With much love has planted those seeds and cover them as much attention in gently with a bit of ground. Already last year helped me to water the "zicchine" and was excited to see them grow, I hope they grew up learning to love the time it takes to accomplish something and tastes, as well as the goal, the journey. And to think I have a green thumb oil! Things you do for the children;)

First of all go over a bit our book the orchard ( In the garden of good things - Edizioni Corsare )

prepare all the necessary

begin to fill the containers with the land

very careful

We have the seeds in the ground
(these are zucchini. Last year I only went out the flowers, let's see how it goes this year )

cover with a bit of ground

now pour a little water

but let's do it together, I would not flood the kitchen

Now to bulbs (garlic and onion).
's just an experiment to see what happens under the ground to plant them but we do not exclude in a vase.

We have some of cotton wool into a glass of cappuccino
I know it's a waste but there is a bar that makes soy such as with cow's milk and mother and daddy sometimes indulges (saint immediately) goes to some Saturday morning "hunting" and comes back with the prey;)

insert a bulb into each glass

Then I are called "but let us make you try to pour some water alone, was so good!"

I comment?

Friday, March 11, 2011

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Cows are muuu and mother makes you the Mu-Mu

for the "democratic table" this is a sweet easy, sustainable (because soy milk is produced by a company that participates in the project CO2 Neutral and cocoa and fair trade), suitable for vegans and coeliacs and children ... who can say enough;)
Moving on to the recipe. You know that so cool snack for children with that catchy tune (the cows are muuu ago but a mu-mu ...) and children too grunge? That's that! Matthew loves the publicity and sings the tune from there to want the product is a short step (already asked me the cookies in my heart that together we will of course, because as the song says "is more beautiful with ..."). Since prevention is better than cure, I started in the kitchen to try to produce a home version of the dessert with the spots and I'm sharing the recipe.

Ingredients: 1l

vanilla soy milk (Provamel)
6 tablespoons sugar (I have those Ikea which are a bit smaller than traditional ones)
6 tablespoons flour 3 tablespoons rice
cocoa (integral coop)
* If you can not milk the vanilla it will take even a vanilla bean which accounts for the length and add the soy milk


milk Divide into two pans from the bottom up and add 3 tablespoons sugar and three of rice flour for each

In one of the two also joined in the cocoa and, if necessary, the vanilla. I recommend you mix the dry ingredients before you add them to the milk, this will prevent the formation of lumps. Stir often to prevent sticking to the bottom and bring to a boil until it thickens. Try to make it compact enough, this will make it easier to create the effect of stains.
After cooking let cool and pour into containers with two tablespoons cream, alternating the two colors (I used those transparent so you can see the effect OF THE PRODUCER spots around the jar).

avent ones we've finished the jar and I have not had time to photograph them,
this is the first version thickened with agar-agar. We did not like because
little too sweet and too compact. With more sugar but it would not hurt