Thursday, February 10, 2011

Catchy Ice Cream Slogans Catchy Slogan?


Among the gifts do it yourself prepared for Christmas there is also this delicious herbal tea made at home, an idea also useful for S. Valentino, for a cuddle hot and sweet.
The ingredients I used are wild rose, mauve, echinacea and a pinch of cinnamon (preferably in a Tube), but you can be anything you like, in this period, for example I'm obsessed with apples, oranges and cinnamon (I've got also made jam ... Yumm!)
To make the sachets I used pieces of sterile gauze (two for each bag) of wire to bind and package to write my message of congratulations. for the box you can recycle and maybe you already have a decorating theme, such as using a picture that you like both of you together, while the leaflets to stick to the bags you can make it heart shaped.


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